Invitation to Submit a Paper

Research is the basic function of our Lodge and importance of the transactions to our Lodge in accomplishing this research cannot be over stated. Our Mission Statement is “To serve through research, education and publication.” From research comes knowledge and by publishing the knowledge we foster education. We are a RESEARCH Lodge and without the actual preparation, presentation and publication of papers we have no reason to exist.

Therefore, this invitation is to our Lodge members, other Masons and non-masons to submit papers for publication in our Transactions and/or presentation at our Lodge and the College.

In order to perform this function efficiently a process has been developed and is as follows:

  1. Submit Paper Abstract (or if paper is already prepared an electronic copy of the paper)
  2. Publications Committee review of Abstract (or paper)
  3. Editor’s advises author(s) outcome of review – acceptance, acceptance with modifications or rejection.
  4. Author(s) prepare paper using WFM Paper Template
  5. Author(s) submit Draft paper
  6. Publications Committee reviews paper
  7. Editor advises author(s) of paper review outcome and whether modifications are recommended
  8. Author(s) submit FINAL paper
  9. Paper accepted by Publications Committee

To make this process easier we have developed Author(s) Instructions, an Abstract Submittal Form and an Author(s) Paper Template which can be used from the beginning of the preparation of a new paper or to cut and paste an existing paper. To see these, click on the highlighted Abstract Submittal, Author(s) Template and Author(s) Instructions.

The Transaction issue target is April of each year. To meet this issue date the Publications Committee follows the schedule shown below:

Submittal of Abstracts (or papers) September 1
Editor notification of acceptance October 1
Submittal of draft paper December 1
Editor Notification of Paper Review January 1
Final submittal of Paper February 1

Holding to this schedule is important for successful issue in April.

However, abstracts (papers) can be submitted at any time, but if after September 1 in any year, they will automatically be considered for the following year.