Speakers Bureau

The purpose of the Walter F. Meier Lodge of Research #281 Speakers Bureau is to assist lodges with their programs of Masonic education. Here you will find information about the available speakers and their area of interest. Arranging to have one of these speakers appear at your meeting or event will add greatly to the benefit and enjoyment of the members of your lodge.

Please contact the Chair of the Speakers Bureau VWB Neil Quinn, 425-228-5184 (neilquinn@comcast.net) with any questions or comments

Steve Osborn

H (360) 387-1149

C (360) 708-6224

theplace@wavecable.comNumerous including esoteric & SR
Ken ShotwelC (425) 923-0250shotwell@seanet.comMoon Lodges, Deacon’s Rods
Ian HydeC (206) 356-5420ockerseattle@hotmail.comFormation of GL 1717; The Column Boaz
John Higgens  Secret Founding of America
Karl Ickes  Knights Templar
Thomas LambH (425) 7422348
C (425 387 4339

Ancient Landmarks; Scottish Origin of Freemasonry; Robert Burns; Masonic Education; Knights Templar in Scotland; Scottish Influence on Formation of USA; The Real Purpose of Freemasonry


If you are a speaker on Masonic and related topics and want to add your name to this list please contact the Speakers Bureau Chair WB Thomas Lamb.

If you recently heard a speaker at another lodge and think he should be added to this list please suggest it to the speaker.

To fill a speaking assignment, please contact Thomas Lamb with your requirements, who will check with Speakers and find the best match. You will then hear directly from the assigned speaker to finalize all arrangements.